Here is my entry to the Wowie jam 2.0! This was my very first game Jam. I had a lot of fun making this short and very strange game.

The theme of the jam was Intentional Bugs so..Being a newer Dev I was like "Hold my beer, I got this".

About the Game:

Move with  Arrow Keys 

Jump with Space Bar

Attack with Left Ctrl

Tip: You can Attack the ground for some Knockback

I made a game where the Attack and Jump buttons get stuck in a loop..sometimes. Also to add to the challenge the Player character has a hard time staying upright. I have no idea why that is happening ;p

It is a little on the weird side. Not something I consider graphic but if you are sensitive you might wanna skip I guess or just play it.

The game is a short level with one boss to beat. I've had a lot of laughs making and play testing this project. Leaving in intentional issues. Hope you all enjoy!!

Thanks for playing. 

Game Song by:

Alexandr Zhelanov,

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