There is something rotten in the garden. Journey into a mysterious vegetable garden that is teeming with life. Where you will embark on a adventure as young little plant named "Pepper Plant Peet". With each new discovery you will grow stronger as you fight your way through waves of zombie like vegetables; As you unveil the source of the orange rot that has taken over the other garden vegetables.  

Game objectives..(potential spoilers)

You start as a little might want to fix that.

Find hidden items that will help you on your journey very important. Whenever you are not being attacked by waves of veggies take sometime to look around. With all those exploding tomatoes something might just get damaged.

Save the patch. Find the rot in the garden and destroy it!

Collect protector points along the way.

Development log


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found your link on insta  fun little game.  Boss was Epic!

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Wow thank you for playing! Yeah I put sometime into creating the boss. I wanted something fun  and rewarding to be waiting at the end of the game for player who managed to survive the waves :p  nice job making it to the end!